A great finish is the best place to start.

To finish well with paint, you have to start with the finish in mind and build a process to ensure a perfect result each and every time. American autocoat provides an ultraclean environment and advanced application technologies to achieve a perfect result.

Finishing to a higher standard
To the end customer, a superior finished product adds distinction, creates a heightened sense of customer value, and increases confidence to buy. In short, appearance makes the difference. American Autocoat is a leader in Class A automotive finishing. We are transforming what automakers can do. We are using paint to elevate an industry, and to raise the standards of what is possible with paint.

A great finish from the ground up
American Autocoat was designed from the ground up with the best available paint technologies and systems, resulting in an efficient process environment that optimizes energy, controls waste and minimizes process hazards. This completely sealed operation contributes to an exceptionally clean operating environment and high finish standards.

Finishing excellence
American Autocoat has mastered the geometry of difficult-to-paint parts, achieving a zero-defect process, flawless color match, and produces a finished appearance that rivals jewelry. As a provider of painted products and assemblies, we are finishing excellence, giving our customers the courage to design without limits, and fulfilling the promise of a more satisfied end customer.



Our Mission

To provide unequaled painted products and assemblies that meet and exceed customer needs in our core markets across North America.

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