Environmental Stewards

From the design of our facility, our focus has been on being good neighbors and responsible environmental stewards.

Our facility is completely sealed, creating a tight, controllable environment that reduces on-site hazards and waste. One-hundred percent of our system’s air is scrubbed and recycled. The facility gives off virtually no emissions — a 2% or less level of VOCs are released annually, well below the industry allowed 30%.

Our fully automated stainless steel paint circulation systems support a piggable color changeover design that achieves a 97% rate of paint recovery, further reducing solvent and paint waste.

Self-assessments are routinely performed to ensure operations exceed applicable environmental standards.





Our business is to create consistent world-class finishes that exceed our customer’s expectations. To assist them with creating a great finish, our vision is to work with our customers at the start of their project so that the perfect application of paint can be applied to whatever part they need finished.

I absolutely love working here at American Autocoat. It's so clean and professional.
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