About Us

American Autocoat offers solutions for molding, color application, finishing and assembly on interior and exterior components, primarily for the automotive industry.

Supported by fully-automated processes, we apply 1 & 2 component, solvent borne wet coat, automotive body color finishes to Class A plastic and composite for Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM automotive suppliers.  These same high standards are also made available to consumer goods manufacturers and other industries. Before or after topcoating, we offer a range of assembly services.

Our people include:

American Autocoat offers finishing and assembly capabilities for the following markets:



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Our business is to create consistent world-class finishes that exceed our customer’s expectations. To assist them with creating a great finish, our vision is to work with our customers at the start of their project so that the perfect application of paint can be applied to whatever part they need finished.

You really are a part of something special within the automotive industry.
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